a few questions about this program.

I have a few questions about this program:

  1. I use both spybot and adaware. Could this replace both of them?

  2. While “the more protection the better” may sound good, if you use antimalware, AV, FW, spybot, adaware, or countless other programs, wouldnt it just be over kill? Wouldnt running all thoes programs just slow your computer way down and greatly increase the risk of interfering with each other?

3)If the AV is supposed to catch things from entering your PC what is the point of the antimalware? Isnt it redundant to use both?


You don’t need Spybot and Adaware. Their both ineffective, though Adaware is a little bit better :slight_smile:
BoClean is definetly superior than both of them, but in my opinion all you need is a good AV and a good Firewall - Comodo Firewall 3 and Avira Free or Avast Home :slight_smile:
All other things may be good as on-demand scanners (As a backup, just to be sure). Runned in real-time all those programs just slow your PC down and as you mentioned - can cause conflicts. :slight_smile:

Hi dommiel74 :slight_smile:

BOClean works different than traditional AV/AS programs :

And Kev’s reply in the same topic :

From here :


I hope that explains to you why I think BOClean is such a great program :slight_smile:

Greetz, Red.

Disagree strongly on the spybot reference. Spybot has the very effective background task “teatimer”, as well as the immunize function.
Boclean doesn’t give you the power to stop items being added to startups, BHOs, protect browser page exploits etc on a one by one basis, which “teatimer” does. Very effectively.

I would not remove my current protection, which includes spybot, for Boclean. On the contrary, both are running very nicely together. Couple of other things on top and no probs at all.

“Don’t put all your eggs in one basket”. As the saying goes.

You can disagree with me, but a lot of todays tests shows that Spybots realtime protection is almost non-existant :slight_smile:

As for the eggs in the basket theory - Get Avira Free, CFP Free, SAS (SuperAntiSpyware) as on demand-scanner and MalwareBytes Anti-Malware as on-dmand scanner also - and you are safe :slight_smile:

Show me the tests…

I’m allready safe. Have been since I joined the 'net.

While I’m waiting, I’ll add a bit of defense for Spybot. Everybody should read it. http://lavasoft.com/support/spywareeducationcenter/wp_hownottotest.php

Edit: Presumably, the lack of evidence to the contrary means Spybot, and as we see, Adaware too, were done a great injustice by these so called tests.

Spybot and the rest of the “old school” has kept me clean for as long as I can remember. It is a number one app. Rightly so.

So the answer is clear. Boclean cannot replace spybot. It doesn’t encompass the range of options, or the protection spybot does. They are a complement.
Nor does CFP 3, so I found, but that’s another topic.

BTW, I very rarely do full scans. I wait 'till me system starts acting up. (:KWL)

:P0l I have split and moved my spinoff discussion with Data:


(Don’t take this as a disciplinary action aimed against anyone, I steered this off topic myself more than anyone else.) Let’s concentrate on answering Dommiel’s original query or subsequent ones related to it.

[ at ]Dommiel, 1) BOClean isn't quite a replacement for Spybot or AdAware--though it performs a boot scan--, but unlike those that can be compared with others, it works in a very special way and will provide you with protection that you won't find elsewhere. And 2) you tell me: is your computer slowed down? If so, consider cropping some of your security programs off; if not so, consider keeping them. Anyway on-demand scanners (like AdAware free?) won't slow down your computer when you're not running them.
  1. The antivirus versus antispyware, antimalware etc. terminology is confusing and in my opinion quite pointless, has more to do with history and what security vendors offer for free and for money, than with the real essence of the threats. Many free “antiviruses” offer limited protection so it’s good either to pay for the full version, or to have some other “antispyware”. Full suites will try to protect you from all kinds of threats, so in principle the only reason why you’d consider complementing them with other programs that don’t conflict, is because four eyes could see more than two.

However I think a program like BOClean is an exception because it works in a very special way as I said, and it’s always good to have no matter what antivirus etc. you have, if your computer isn’t too old and can take one more.