a few questions about comodo disk encryption

  1. with usb key authentication when computer is booted does the usb key have to remain in there after boot?
  2. what could go wrong with this (other than user error)?
  3. does anyone know where i can find a video of an comodo disk encrypted windows comp booting up (i just want to see it in action)
  4. what if any are the performance impacts that encrypting the drive will bring?

i highly suggest you check out some of the threads about “missing operating system” and a “password:” prompt that does not actually do anything even after you input the password. i’m loosing hair and sleep attempting to recover my main computer from an install and subsequent encryption of my main (C:) drive. i should have known better, but now am paying the price. fortunately the majority of my data was backed up on my external hard drive.


We know aboyt this defect about USB external disk. We are going to release an update with this problem fixed. Please keep your USB Disk and you will have your data back.