A few ISPs in trouble again for redirecting searches

Alhtough this is big an issue as it could have been, several of users here like to keep in the know!

Mentioned here is HTTPS Everywhere, but only mentioned for those that use Firefox, wondered how it works for IE8 and Dragon, (it should since it supports Chrome (but with so many versions you never know?)

Final question Comodo DNS protects those that use it from malware sites, soon for filtering, and Comodo Site Inspectior,

but wondered can an ISP redirect your search away from Google (as in this instance) even though you have Comodo DNS set up.


HTTPS Everywhere currently only works with firefox - frequently asked questions There are, however, some non EFF produced clones, that get very mixed reviews.


I will wait !

As far as I understand it this cannot be stopped by changing DNS server. The ISP sees you are requesting to go to a search engine (that means DNS is already processed) searching for something they filter and will then redirect.

Don’t hold your breath ;D

The easiest way of making sure you always use HTTPS for search engines that support it, such as Google, is to add a search provider from http://mycroft.mozdev.org/ There are thousands to choose from and they work with firefox, IE and Chrome.

You can also use the search engine Ixquick http://www.ixquick.com/

In the settings you can activate the SLL/HTTPS option which allows to

Always establish a secure connection between browser and Ixquick's servers. Prevents ISP's from snooping. Results in a slightly longer processing time.