A few Ideas for this new v1.1 Beta

  1. It would prove useful to also provide “Safe Cleaning” (Asking to Reboot) and finalizing cleaning for Registry Cleaner as well.

  2. There should be an option to turn of This great new innovation, Not that it’s a problem for me, but power uses may not need to use it. It can be on by default off course, And it’s really awesome btw.

  3. After rebooting & CSC asks to finalize or restore the cleaning process, It would be also useful to provide a timer “Eg, Remind me in 1 minute, 5 mins, 10 mins, etc” And this way, a user can get around his/her PC without any nonsense. And if they encounter a problem, the message will auto pop up for them and bang they are restored without hardly any user important. :wink: This way the CRC is not “waiting” to clean something or restore a clean up, Which may effect peformance or something in whatever way (I believe anyway) and it improves stability.
    -Reason why #3 is important, is because I was finalizing cleaning upon Reboot, I opened up Firefox and it was completely blank (After a privacy clean), literally it didn’t go to Google, It was like a Statue. Firefox was fine after I finalized cleaning though, But Reminding me to finalize in 1 minute or so, and letting me use my PC without that message does prove very useful, and your taking it one notch higher.

  4. Do a disk Clean, Reboot, Do another clean, reboot, Do a Privacy Clean, reboot - This is why I think a user should be able to turn it of by default, For example… They do a Disk Clean, Reboot and finalize/restore. They then turn of this Safe Cleaning option, and continue cleaning without having to reboot. Useful IMO! :slight_smile:

Great Beta! Keep it up… Hope you guys take atleast one of my suggestions in. :wink:


Do you mean the “Save Delete” thing? You can disable it in the Misc. > Settings > untick "SAVE DELETION

I like the other ideas. :-TU

True, butr it should be possible to safe clean first. see what it does and than do permanent clean


This is what it does. You do safe clean, restart then the Finalize dialog pops-up. Leave that dialog as it is, check the results… meaning you check you email or browser… or whatever application you cleaned… check them all to see if everything is ok. If it’s ok, then you just press Finalize.

Even if you see the files you cleaned they are all locked by us… they are inaccessible. So if the cleaning process did something wrong then you would see that your favorites for example are inaccessible from browser(if you choose it to do so).

In the next release files that were safe deleted will be actually invisible, not only inaccessible.

We already work on moving the SAFE DELETION option from CSC to CPC and CDC. :slight_smile: Thank you for feedback.

No worries Andrei.