A disk read error has occured. Please press Ctrl+alt+Delete to continue

Uh…yeah, I was playing SUPREME COMMANDER Forged Alliance and I noticed that the system was getting the tell-tale symptom of slowing down (choppy music & scroll rate).

So I saved…then the game froze. I pressed the windows button on the keyboard which brought it back to the desktop.

I pressed Ctrl+alt+del and restarted. It was taking its darn time. So I left my gaming rig to shut down and turned on my laptop to go online.

After a few minutes, I went back to check on my gaming rig to see if it shut down already.

Instead, I see “A disk read error has occured. Please press Ctrl+alt+del…” yadayadayada…

Is my hard disk crying out to be replaced?

I have 2 SATA hard drives. My one and only IDE hard drive has been retired and is no longer connected to the gaming rig.

I have two remaining hard drives, one 250GB and another 300GB. The 250GB is older. It is partitioned into C: and D:

C: is the OS drive. D: is the gaming drive. The 300GB is the backup drive containing files way back from college.