A couple of problems with on access scans

Hi all, we have run into a couple of problems since updating two test machines to version 2 of cav last week, any help would be good (I think both problems are related)!

  1. We can’ install usb or network pritners using the Windows Add Printer Wizard. The process goes through as normal but at the very end there is an error stating that the installation can’t be completed because “The File is in use by another process”. Turn off the access scanner and it works fine.

  2. We have had problems saving files in office 2007… the files arrive by email and are saved onto the desktop, open them (using word or excel), make a change and try and save and I get a message saying “file is locked or in use by another person or application please re save using a different name” what ever you do it won’t let you save the dile, but a tempory file is created on the desktop. This doesn’t happen to all files.

Any help please??!!