a couple of launch pad ??'s

Im using CF, CAV and I vault. Great products. no problems so far. I don’t like alot of clutter so I have the launch pad turned off so it is not in the sys tray. How do I know the cav is working because there is no seperate icon in the tray like CF.

I apologize if I posted in wrong forum.

Currently, CAVS 1.1 does not have its own systray icon (unlike CPF). I believe the, soon to be released, CAVS 2 will have its own systray icon.

In the meantime, you can either use the task manager to ensure the CAVS processes are running or create a short cut to run the main CAVS application (“<.where you installed it.>\Comodo AntiVirus\CMain.exe”) & check on there.

Yup. I believe the best way to check is to monitor it from the “Processes” list.