A comodo safe search that is seperate from the firewall

I have comodo CIS, CSC and C backup, i guess i rejected the safe search, i would like to have it available to download w/o reinstalling firewall(its a pain b/c i already have my rules and settings enabled)

WHEN you have time, if you could work i=on this it would be much appreiciated by me and many others

But keep up the great work!

Safesurf bufferoverflow protection functionality is integrated in CIS 3.8 beta, a product somewhat delayed.
But when that gets released you won’t need to separately install safesurf.

It will be a simple checkbox in the D+ > advanced > image execution control settings… (on by default) Called “Detect Shellcode Injections (i. e. Buffer overflow protection)”. And it will give you all the protection offered by safesurf.

Otherwise comodo memory firewall is a separate BO protection tool…

Much like safesurf… :slight_smile: :slight_smile: