A CD/DVD burner and image file processing tool

A CD/DVD burner and image(ISO, BIN, etc) file processing tool, to open, extract, create, edit, compress, encrypt, split, and mount these files with a internal virtual drive

My idea is to create a tool to mount encrypted image files with a internal virtual drive and allow the user to edit the content of those image files without the need to extract them, and, why not, the ability to burn them on a CD/DVD

I vote against it totally agreeing with m00nbl00d
about it being a waste of time, effort and money

Atleast these kind off - off topic security suggestions can give the fundamental start at building a security application. :wink:


There some good and free products(open source or freeware of that kind ofprograms. I hope is a waste of time.
I use Infra recorder, Img Burn and alcohol 52 free edition.
omodo must develope security or tweakers products for best security and performance, but not multimedia products.

Whell, Comodo is making Comodo Disk Encryption that do virtual drive stuff. Why not add the ability to mount ISO’s and things like that, and also add the ability to burn into a CD/DVD.

Imagine that I have a software to burn cd’s that somehow (worm, virus…) is leaking info to the internet… If i could directly burn with a program like that it would be safer… wright? (I’m asking, I’m not a security expert)

… just a thought…