A C.I.S review


Hi all, read the Neil J. Rubenking review from PC Mag and all I’ve got to say on it concerning Neil is “RETIRE”. He admits the firewall is still potent but doesn’t quite realize the scope of the effort that Comodo has put into CIS in such a short time frame, he seriously would’ve been better reviewing this suite around April-May 2009 then he would’ve choked on his evaluation of what will become an ace as a total malware prevention suite, but he’ll learn this eventually as will many others that are doubtful of Comodos’ purpose and reason which is to ultimately to render the Internet harmless and pleasurably to those who use it and need it.
Keep the faith :-TU :-TU
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Xman (:KWL)

Thanks for your feedback I am keeping the faith but I am thinking should I have another real time scanner in place of CIS?

Hi Patrice58, if in doubt of CIS Antivirus realtime scanning abilities, get Malwarebytes Anti-Malware and also get Norton Security Scan and scan with both after you’ve given them full access rights in CIS, you should find 0 infections if my guess is correct…

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Xman (:KWL)

You are right but lets be honest CIS right now is quite poor (only the AV side of it mind!) So think of all the viruses and malware it does not yet flag up which to me is scary!

Hi Patrice58, important to remember that the AV is secondary prevention to Defense+ in the Firewall which if read and implemented correctly is your 1st line of defense and prevention many have stated that they’ve remained clean with this running only without AV protection whatsoever and couple that with Sandboxie till Comodo develops their version of a web browse/program sandbox utility you’re safe! :wink:

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Xman (:KWL)

Defense+ monitor reports suspicious behavior by valid programs. Firewall vulnerable to “leak test” techniques and exploits. Antivirus is not certified. Antispyware failed malware cleanup and prevention tests. More impact on performance than expected.

hmm 88)

  1. D+ monitor reports suspicious behavior by valid programs
    yeah,i guess somewhat true 88) the whitelist database still need improvement i think…what do i know (:TNG)

2)Firewall vulnerable to leaktest
??? perhaps this guy disable his D+ 88)
it’s said that D+ failed certain attack :-X

  1. Antivirus/spyware is not certified & failed malware cleanup
    dunno about this 88) haven’t got infected lately

  2. more impact on performance
    really ??? i think my comp is faster with CIS compared to when i was using CFP+avast

perhaps you want to add some more on demand scanner to backup your CIS. or maybe just remove the AV part & use other AV/AS for now. CIS AV’s database is growing rapidly though :stuck_out_tongue:

Patrice, don’t worry… with a great firewall, the competence of which is accepted by the industry, the malwares created in internet is not going to get in our computers, through internet, so easily. Even if it gets in (I think only .001% could do that), there is a solid defence+ which will alert you and you can block it (if the antivirus do not detect it). Let me tell you, I had CAVS2.0 beta in my computer as the only antivirus and my computer never got infected (thanks to Comodo Firewall also). This antivirus it seems is much better and it actually detects many viruses. Though I never encountered any virus through internet, the antivirus definitely quarantined some from the USB. Also, the antivirus gives daily updates, so nothing to worry.

Let me accentuate it, the malwares created would not be creeping directly into our computers and by the time it spreads, the developers would definitely get a sniff of it and would be covered by daily updates. Don’t worry and go ahead and use CIS full. For spywares, if you are skeptical, you can keep an on demand scanner like SuperAntispyware. CIS is actually really light on resources it takes much less RAM than the stand alone antiviruses, even though it has solid protection of Firewall, Defence+ and Antivirus.

These are my personal opinion. You may take a cognitive decision on your own.