A built-in log maker (i.e. DebugView) which is as simple as click and go

1. Download DebugView from Microsoft site: http://technet.microsoft.com/en-us/sysinternals/bb896647.aspx
  1. Run it with administrator privileges

  2. In the DebugView menu please select:
    a) menu File → Log to file as… → Log file edit box → select a file (or type a filename) which you will be able to find later
    b) menu Capture → Capture Win32
    c) menu Capture → Capture Global Win32 (dont worry if this submenu item does not exist)

  3. Using cmd.exe, run firewall installer with the following parameter: -log log.txt. This command will create log.txt file near the firewall installer.

  4. After your installer shows an error message, close it, and wait for a few seconds to let all processes finish, then look for another log file:
    a) go to the your TEMP directory. Fastest way to do this is to write the following command in the cmd.exe: explorer %temp% (+ press enter). Alternatively you can write %temp% in the Windows explorer’s address bar.
    b) in the TEMP directory you will find a file called approx like this: cis_10-07-19 20.23.46.log, where “10-07-19 20.23.46” is the installation date and time (of course, your actual date and time will be different)

  5. a) Download Autoruns utility (Autoruns for Windows - Sysinternals | Microsoft Learn)
    b) In the downloaded archive you have two utilities: autoruns.exe and autorunsc.exe. You’ll need the 1st one (autoruns.exe), run it in the command line as follows:
    autoruns.exe -v -a autoruns.arn
    c) wait till the utility finishes scanning of the system and closes. After it closes, next to the utility you will find autoruns.arn file. Zip it and send it to me via e-mail skalenchuk[at]comodo.com (please do not post it as an attachment on the the forum).

  6. As a result you will have 3 log files avaulable:

    • from point 3-a
    • from point 4
    • from point 5-b
    • from point 6-c
      Please zip these files and attach to the your message (except log from 6c). I will check these files and try to assist you.

quoted from dchernyakov

Well, I’ve been trying to be of some help to In and there seems to be a bug with comodo. Now when there’s a bug, you’re gonna have to make a log and above states how it should be done. However, some people just don’t understand this and I think it would be better to have it built-in instead to make it easier for them to do it, and much faster for you guys to detect and respond to bugs. That way, services will be much faster. A definite plus on the reputation of Comodo (putting aside the war against malware stuff, this is what you guys are after Comodo Forum).

What do you say?