A bootable media?

Sorry, I can’t find nothing if I can make a bootable media. Otherwise which way should I restore the system if it ain’t bootable?
You shouldn’t have done such a tasty interface, guys or I’m at risk of loosing information in the case I mentioned about, coz I just DON’T WANT to uninstall it. Thanks again.
Oh, and does it support Comodo Time Machine snapshots?

Comodo BackUp is not an imaging solution. Its a backup solution. To achieve your desired outcome you would need to take a .CBU of the partition or whatever that your looking to backup and then get the machine to a basic state on your own with Comodo installed to restore. I currently am not aware of any PE type restoration process nor have i tried installing/running comodo in a pre-boot state.

If your going to backup a partition you might as well just take an image instead of doing a backup. i like to look at backups as more data based than system state based. This way data can be worked with/restored without any problems that may exist with the OS.

Im still new and could be completely wrong but thats my take on it