A Blocked Icon over COMODO in tray

xP sp3, CIS 3.12.111745.560

Sometimes a strange( STOP sign) Icon appears over Comodo Icon in tray. i am uploading the screen shot, as it appears to be mysterious.( No explanations is found in HELP manual).

  • this icon disappears when you logoff( not restart ) and do logon again.

-Earlier i thought this icon is coming from remains of Avast home, but it is not the case, as Inactive icon for Avast( in tray) is left handed.( I also used their uninstaller to remove it)

  • I also noticed that while installing CIS it didn’t asked me to scan the system, just before rebooting. To be doubly sure I reinstalled it . On second time installation it also didn’t asked to scan the system.

Any help to solve this problem is welcomed.



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Make sure cmdagent runs as admin and see if that helps.

Try updating the Comodo Internet Security Helper Service (control panel, admin tools, services, right click on “Comodo Internet Security Helper Service”, properties). The logon Tab for the Service should currently show Local System Account and Allow service to interact with Desktop. Set This Account with your Logon ID and Password (+Confirm) and then reboot.

Hi EricJH,

I was out,So could not check the forum frequently,

cmdagent is running as ‘SYSTEM’ on my computer,and “allow the service to interact with desktop” is checked.

-I had set it to logon as local administrator account, using option under this account.

-I will come back if this issue reappear again.

One qustion in last ,why this service requires a local administrator privilege instead of SYSTEM , which is supposed to be more powerfull.