a bit of a bug and nuisance

When diagnostics is clicked in CFP, it reports there is something wrong with the installation to click it to fix it.

this happens with this program StartRight JoeJoe's freeware utilities - StartRight
StartRight takes over the loading of all startup programs in windows, CFP’s startup with windows box gets unticked, which makes CFP report there is a problem when the diagnostics box is clicked.
all CFP does when it asks to fix the problem with the installtion is it reticks that box, but during bootup it gets unticked anyway since StartRight startsup CFP with the rest of the other programs that loads during startup.

I could exclude CFP in Startright and let Windows load CFP instead, but I ain’t gonna do that, because StartRight loads it up better and smoother, Windows is just too ■■■■ at it lol

so reporting this one to the Developers, so that maybe they could take care of that nusisance/bug in the next version/update