A big problem with Comodo and Kindle Fire HDX...

…there’s no way to install it!

The problem is how Comodo make the android app available, which is through Google’s store. Now that’s fine if you’re using a phone, but for Kindle users, downloading and installing Google store, simply isn’t possible (at least, not without rooting your Kindle, and voiding your warranty, to say nothing of potentially trashing your Kindle). Why? One of those pointless and extremely annoying “rival company won’t allow another company to do something on it’s machines”. You know, like Apple tossing aside Google maps. That kind of thing.

And the Amazon app store? Has no Comodo app to download. It’s a total catch-22.

I’d really like to install Comodo to my Kindle. And I’m open to any suggestions (bar rooting my Kindle) as to how to do that, legitimately, and safely. :slight_smile: