99% CPU Problem with cmdagent on WinXP

Tha faulty db does not seem to be reverted!
Comodo Internet Security was installed on a Windows XP computer the 6 of April 2011! The installation file were fetched from Comodos web site that day.
Today, five days later the cmdagent.exe is using 99% af the CPU capacity. The PC sounds like a Boing 747.

Does this workaround fix the problem for ever? Or is it only a temporary solution?

Regards Lanius

That doesn’t sound good, But I’m not sure if it’s related to the issue posted here, I’ll split off your post and move it to the help and installation board for more assistance.

It sounds like some application is conflicting with CIS.
Can you please verify the Defense+ and Firewall logging and post screenshots of them here?

What other security software do you have installed, no matter real-time or on-demand?

If you set AV/D+/FW to disabled and reboot does the issue stay?

Lanius i had a similar problem and my problem was cause by a combination of Microsoft .NET Framework Assistant running and microsoft silverlight.exe which caused cmdagent.exe to run at elevated levels so i killed both services and pc back to normal hope this helps

regards john

We tried the workaround described in this tread, exchanging the cav, bat it did not help.
There are no Microsoft.NET Framework or silverlight installed.
We have yet not tried to close Comodo.

Can you show the Firewall and D+ logs? They may hold a clue.

Hi EricJH
I need information how to find these logs, Firewall and D+

You can find them by opening the CIS GUI (double click red shield).

There you have “Firewall has blocked X intrusion(s)” where X is clickable it will bring up the firewall log, same goes for Defense+ “Defense+ has blocked X intrusion(s)”.

You can also go to the main button on top click e.g. Firewall and in there is “View Firewall events”, these are also there for AV and D+ in there windows.

Once you have opened these viewers you can also chose the [More] button to show the external log viewer that holds all logging there is to this product.

:frowning: :frowning: :frowning: :frowning: I’m also get this problem. It goes to 99% + 1% task manager so 100%.
What is this guys? I don’t want to play with your security suite… I couldn’t do anymore in my PC. They only say the requirements are 128MB RAM why didn’t u add the Processor Config?
Please add a [i]CPU LOAD MANAGEMENT[/i] to set the process usage of CIS Resource usage.
Even all security suites hold this feature… Also CHange your GUI Like a Modern One… ???

I’m also get this. Yesterday I installed after an Hour I uninstalled CIS Premium. While they add a CPU Load Management feature then I be get into your Security suite.

If you are still willing to give CIS a try try the following.

First temporarily disable/uninstall all other security programs that you have running in the background with CIS and see if that brings any help. Having two residential shields can be source of problems.

Also run removal tools for all security programs that you once had installed in the past. Not all uninstallers do a great job and a left behind driver or service can become a problem with a new security program. You can find a list of removal tools here: ESET Knowledgebase .

May be u are right. Since i installed 7Antivirus programs after that Comodo. SO u are right. Thanks in advice.
Any way adding the CPU LoadManagement is better for stability of users.

You can make a wish for this functionality in the Wishlist -CIS board.

:-\ this is a bug, uninstalled comodo temporarily until it is resolved.
I hope it’s fixed.
sorry my english! ;D

It could be a bug. But to fix the bug we need a further analysis of what’s going on. We’re in a bit of a tie here. 88)

EricJH, This excessive consumption of 99% of the processor is, when we leave the option: Check memory at startup, the resident shield. Neither suite gdata consume it!
sorry my english… :-TU

May i know how much amount of RAM memory usage used by G-Data IS/AV?
Check that in task manager and replay tom me… Thank You…

May i know how much amount of RAM memory usage used by G-Data IS/AV? Check that in task manager and replay tom me........... Thank You........

at least here Gdata consumes 36, 46 MB of memory on standby and comodo between 14 and 26 on stand by.

Do you run CIS together with G Data Anti Virus? Do I understand that correctly?

:smiley: just use the CIS :-TU