80 MB temp files filling up drive

I have had 3 of my computers so far start creating 80MB temp files until the drive is full. I have narrowed it down to being cmdagent. Does anyone know what may be causing this and how to fix it? For now I am just deleting the temp files, but they will be created again.



I am having the same problem with my machine all the sudden. Temp directory flooded with files that created 160GB on two of my machines.

It doesn’t seem like Comodo is going to give us any support on this issue. No responce on the forums in months. Support tickets are useless. It’s sad to be honest. I paid for 3 years on the CESM. I am very tempted to go with someone else.

It seems the problem is the CIS is erroring out trying to update CIS definitions. This same problem happens with the Offline Updater, which is why I don’t use it anymore. The only solution I have found so far is copying c:\Program Files\Comodo\COMODO Internet Security\scanners\bases.cav from a good CIS to the ones having problems. It is basically manually updating definitions. It has worked so far on mine.

I am in for 3 years as well.

I reimaged my teacher laptops this summer and they all got 4.0, then 4.1 came out, I decided not to mess with it. Now this happened and I had to upgrade all of them.
I still have labs running 3.x that are doing fine. I also have some machines running the stand alone free version of 4.0, they had the same issue as the CESM clients

I called Comodo and they told me to do two things.

  1. Disable 3.x updates in COU, I did this but they turned back on because I have 3.x clients out there.
  2. Update all my clients to latest 4.1 version. I updated all my 4.0 clients to 4.1

It seems to have worked so far, but that could be because I uninstalled and reinstalled, effectively doing a clean update with a good bases.cav. I’ll give your solution a try if it happens again.


I have the same issue. I recently installed CSEM, the offline updater and CIS on my servers and clients.

Everything seems to be working fine, with the exception of c:\windows\temp balloning to close to 20 GB. Not sure what to do with these temp files though. Can I write a script to purge them on a regular basis? I really don’t like the idea of the directory filling up uncontrollably like this.


The offline updater has issues. I would recommend not using it. Also keep an eye on your client temp folders as if they don’t get an update properly they will fill up as well.

I tried this and it seems to work.