70,000 Members and still Climbing!!!

A big Congratulations to our Forum which now has over 70,000 members!

I would like to this opportunity to congratulate all our Mods and volunteers who make this forum for our community a nice place to be in!

Thank you guys!


Very nice :slight_smile: :-TU

Glad to be part of the community :ilovecomodo:

Cheers :-TU I m very happy to be part of comodo family as everyone else :a0 this forum is one of the most active forums on internet in my view Thanks for everything guys,
:ilovecomodo: :comodorocks: (V) :comodosavedmylife:

70,000 members :o

But how about “Active Members” (:LGH)

Cool… Most are one time posters thou…

“help my firewall bla bla” 88) “can’t start bla bla” then leave ;D

Only about 500 are active :-TD

There are also thousands a day who come and benefit from our forums without even registering! Comodo Forums have become a very important resource to around 500,000 visitors a month!