64-bit support?

Comodo Dragon doesnt seem to have a 64-bit version and i happen to use windows server 2008r2 for most of my needs.It would be nice to allow 64-bit users to try out cd as well

Google doesn’t have a native 64-bit edition for Windows either. On Windows 7 Ultimate x64, I have Chrome (x86) and Comodo Dragon (x86). Most if not all 32-bit apps will work on x64 editions. However, 64-bit apps will not work on 32-bit Operating Systems.

Yes, but exists 64-bit version for Linux.
So Comodo can compile it as 64-bit.

All in due time. We’re sticking with what most people have and that’s 32-bit systems. CDs shift to 64-bit is coming.

Yeah the 64bit scene is up and coming, but still a long way off being viable enough for most vendors to go that route. All in due time, it shall happen though without a doubt…

Atm. 64bit systems got no flash support, so i wouldn’t assign a 64bit release to primary objectives… (e.g. check IE 64 bit under Vista, you can’t play with flash games, etc.).

Actually, Flash 10.1(b) for Linux exists in pure x86_64 goodness. :wink:

At this time in order to use Flash in 64-bit Windows environment you need to use a 32-bit(aka x86) browser. This is one of the reasons as to WHY Flash needs to die a slow and horrible death outside of its terrible security track record.