64 bit firefox blocked by safesurf

I’ve been using CFP 3 for a few months now and it’s been great… Today I uninstalled it because I thought CFP was blocking a vista update(the problem wasn’t CFP)… SO then I reinstalled it with the new safesurf toobar… Now everything seems kosher with one exception… When I try to launch 64 bit firefox, I get the following message:

Comodo Safe Surf blocked this application from executing a possible buffer overflow attack - one of the techniques used by hackers to gain access to PC’s.

I’ve been using this FF build (http://www.vector64.com/WindowsBuilds.html) for a while now and I haven’t had any problems with it until today… Could this be a false positive or do I really have something to worry about here?..Furthermore, if it is a FP, how do I manually override the safesurf block?..FWIW, FF3 (32 bit) works fine… Could somebody please advise?.. Thanks!

Try uninstalling the Safe Surf toolbar first. You actually don’t need it.