64 bit file download linked to 32 bit

I keep trying to find a valid link to the 64 bit version of the firewall… but even when I select that as my OS, it still downloads the 32 bit version… tried to install it anyway but of course it didn’t work…

Anyone got a valid link?



Works yes no?

Yes!! Works like a charm! You are my hero of the day! Thanks!!

The “x64” installer contains BOTH x86 and x64 builds. If you run the first stage of the installer (as admin), before proceding with actual install, go to “C:\Users"user name”\AppData\Local\Temp" Look for a folder named CIS(something or other) and COPY out the x64 installer.

This method useful, as it makes for easier install, as the x64 installer itself needs to run as an elevated (Amin) process. Not sure why the hell both architectures are even bundled together as a x86 AV is useless in a x64 OS anyway!! It seems the x86 & x64 seems to refer to the OUTER installer only!!

Mamma mia! ;D :-TDAgain-ITS NOT TRUE!Why shoud you run it as admin?It’s completely useless.