64 bit compatible? [Solved]

Sorry if this isn’t in the appropriate section staff.

I’ve heard nothing but good things about you guys, whether it be in a computer magazine or simply word of mouth around the Net. However there is a problem I am having. Is Comodo compatible with a 64 bit computer or am I totally ■■■■■■■? :frowning:

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Yes It Is,
Which Product Were you referring?

Firewall Antivirus BOClean

Mainly All Products Comodo Makes Is 64bit compatible


Erm, I think I just made a bad person out of myself.

Feel free to lock this thread. Quite a first impression huh?
Thank you.

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I wouldn’t say that at all,
Don’t Feel Bad :slight_smile:

Did I Solve Your Issue?


Yeah, thanks again. :wink:

Your Most Welcome 32bitless

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