64 bit / 32 bit cis

are there different cis installations or versions for cis? 64bit cis and 32bit cis? i just want to be sure i have right version. i saw a 64bit cis on cnet.com…so thats where i d.l. mine from. i diddent see any 64bit or 32 bit cis on comodos site.

The installer of the two versions (32 and 64 bit) has a length of approximately 225 mb. As the difference between the versions of the program, I believe there is at least as refers the functions of comodo internet security.

i downloaded cis from cnet.com…it was put on cnet in april seems to work good but only thing i noticed was there is no volume control when i am on virtual desktop

The big installer holds both the 32 and 64 bits versions andwill determine its self which version to install. When you install it will automatically detect your OS version.

thank you!! :-TU