500th Post!!!

This is my 500th post!!! Yeah!!! (How many posts to become a mod (:TNG))

None. It’s probably more based on the post content, rather than the post count. (:NRD)

agreed 88)

If you’re posting just to become a mod, then forget about becoming one. Be like Kail :wink:

Ok, so I need to be very helpful. Would you like me to wash your dishes? (:NRD) ;D

Yes please, that would be awfully helpful. :slight_smile:

500…and…that matter because? You need to gain alot more knowledge before becoming a modder. Do you know Comodo forwards and backwards?

Umm…dishwasher anyone?

How bout you clean by bathroom instead. :slight_smile:

Hey, lets not treat the guy like that. We’re not in jail here ;D

They make you clean bathrooms in jail? I thought they just made you make clothes hangers on an assembly line ???


Come out of hiding and that say that again wimp >:( I’ll make you wash my socks >:( ;D

I’ll just use me washing machine. Better than cleaning the bathroom. (:TNG)

Oh, poor me. I’ll be everyone’s servants… :’( ;D




So when somebody blocks a program that they didn’t mean to how do you unblock it? When somebody blocked explorer.exe and now they are locked out of there pc how do you fix it?

That’s not knowing COMODO, that’s knowing CFP ;D But I’m listening Jeremy :stuck_out_tongue:


You don’t know? ??? Ok, this how I think you do it: To unblock something, you click on the shield icon > Defense+ > Advanced > Computer Security Policy. Then click on the policy you want to change, and edit it or remove.

As for when you are locked out, I think this will work:
Boot in safe mode (by pressing F8 over & over while booting up), start CFP and change the policy for explorer.exe by using what I wrote about. Boot in normal mode, should work.

Are you happy now? Or did I get something wrong?


OH burn, Nice work Jeremy ;D

Hopefully that’s not enough to make someone a mod…