500,000,000+ Disk IO Read Bytes per update?

the check is so fast you will never notice it, and some days I have seen much more then 10 and others I have seen less. I think it is fine for it to check that often, with other companies they do check every 4 hours or so but then they have to push out updates to the users if they release them and that is just more code in the application that is not needed if it just would check for often.

It takes more code to check every 2 hours vs 30min? I am not a professional programmer, but I bet if you give me the snippet of code I can changed it without adding addition lines, and very little time spent. Come on bro!

It’s cool if you disagree with me, but I really don’t think it would add bloat to the application.

I was talking having to add code to accept pushed updates, you need to have something there.

Ok. I don’t mean to nitpick. I think CIS is in great shape in it’s current form. Now the protection is the tops, and the GUI is improved, I think the focus should shift towards performance tweaking and usability.

they are don’t worry, they are working on multiple things, Melih will not give up on achieving the best security possible.

Well… Maybe avast team needs something less aggressive regarding to updates because they are on 130+ million users…

I have noticed something about disk io. While some other AVs startup a new process during updates, CIS does it within cmdagent.exe. So for instance Twister starts a new process for the update, that generates about 425,000,000 of read disk io, but then kills the process when done. So you may not see it actually happening.

So in effect, some other AVs true impact is somewhat hidden, while CIS is keeping it most of it’s activity within it’s main process. I prefer how Comodo is doing it, as you can monitor use easier.