500,000,000+ Disk IO Read Bytes per update?

Anyone else experiencing massive amount of Disk IO when CIS finds a new signature file and updates?

How to check that? Task manager?

my computer has been on for over 18 hours and to date I have 7,500 IO reads and 8,700 I/O writes

I use Process Explorer, but I believe you may be able to use Task Manager. I have been watching it for a week. Disk IO is next to nothing, until a new signature file is available, and then it takes off like a bat out of hell until the update is done. Then it stay pretty close to the same until the next update.

I think you may be looking at reads & writes, rather the read bytes and write bytes.

yup I was, I just looked again. I have 2.6 Billion write and 1.5 billion read.

How is that compared to the other programs on your PC. I would bet sky high. I think this is an area Comodo may still have to improve.

Oh and by the way, I am willing to bet that you have had 5 updates since you last rebooted. lol

9:14pm - A new sig file just came out, and clocked in about 519,000,000 read bytes.

actually Cobain backup up has 5 billion reads and 5 billion writes.

Catalyst control center has 370 million writes

Explorer has 215 million reads

Alright. On my PCs, CIS always has the highest disk io, with the exception of maybe Virtual Box while I have it open. It just seems odd that is uses next to nothing 95% of the time, and then when it updates it uses a ton at once.

Maybe they run a mini scan after a new signature updates?

I think it has to do with the way the signatures are written to the hard disk and how often it updates. Remember that most of the time there is an update every half hour to 1 hour or, so there could be between 20 and 48 updates a day.

While CIS checks every half hour or so, I think there are actually only about 4-7 updates per day. If you enable pop-ups windows, you will notice 80% the time CIS looks for an update, it says you have the latest version.

Maybe when it does update, it downloads a packed file, which has to uncompress, thus causing the high disk io?

I don’t know exactly how they update to tell the truth and in reality why does it matter. Also why does disk I/O byes matter? Is it slowing down your PC? Not mine, I have yet to see a much faster AV out there that offers as much protection as CIS does. Think about it, as fast as it is, you are getting; AV, Firewall, Memory Firewall, Sandbox, Cloud AV, Cloud Behavior Blocker, HIPS, Heuristics, cloud white list and local white list. All while being totally free and very light on the system. I don’t notice it is there. And there is much more to come from Comodo.

I agree CIS is great, and I really hope it stays free. I was just thinking if Mcafee were smart, they would layoff most their current developers, and just purchase Comodo. They would have a ready made suite that is way better than what they currently offer.

In reviews I have read that have performance impact tests, CIS is usually in the bottom 1/3 or 1/4. So since the program already offers great protection, I am not sure how much more work is required there. I would rather see them 1. Improve the cloud/whitelist(usability) 2. tweak system performance. Otherwise they may as well back up and take a long vacation, because nothing else really needs much work from what I can see.

I really doubt Melih would sell out, even if he got offered a ton of money.

There are still plenty of plant for CIS, trust me when I say this security will be even better. And it will be even easier to use. Most of the old time those reviews are of old version 3.14 or 4.1. There is a noticeable improvement in computer speed from precious versions to V5.

We hope too… Sad stories of freewares became shareware in the past made me wish it does not occur again.

Wow… Comodo servers support this bandwidth of updates!
How many Comodo users we have actually in the world?

See my post earlier in the thread. Evem though CIS checks every 30min, there are actually only about 4-7 updates per day.

Even so, 4-7 is not bad.
avast checks each 4 hours (default) or minimum of 2 hours (free) or 15 minutes (paid).
Generally we have 2 updates (some days 4, some just one).

How many Comodo users do we have in the world?

last I heard there are tens of millions of users, but I don’t have a specific number.

Yep, that is pretty good. Not sure a more frequent interval is necessary. I think Comodo should change the check for updates from every 30min to once every 2-3 hours. May cut down on CPU Time and other resource usage.