5 Ashampoo spftware for free

Ashampoo is giving 5 software for free

The 5 Ashampoo software’s included in this Giveaway are :

Ashampoo Anti-Malware 1.2
Ashampoo Slideshow Studio elements
Ashampoo HDD Control
Ashampoo Internet Accelerator 3
Ashampoo MyAutoplay Menu

Here is the link:

Anyone has tried Ashampoo Anti-Malware 1.2?

I tried Ashampoo Antimalware for a while and in my opinion is weak. Hitman Pro or Malwarebytes Antimalware are far a lot better. I am referring to it’s use as on-demand scanner. Greetings.

Thank you for your willingness to give your opinion. I saw the test on youtube, it is not so bad. For your information, I am using it now as it is free. It even can detect the malware that cannot be detected by Avast, F-secure, Comodo, qihoo 360, Rising and MSE.

I have no intention to offense the users of these antivirus software, I am sharing the information to you guys as it has not much review on internet…

Hi Guys!

dannyyap2006 ,

I was never fond of any aShampoo Software , but I’m not surprised that you can detect much more using it
There is no questions at all about low rate detection by Comodo + enormous amount of FPs :o…
or MSE , despite that one improved just lil bit lately

I’m not sure about Avast you’ve mentioned, though - that one should be quite strong as well - more info needed re: the specific malware

Anyway, aShampoo uses double engine

The 1st is Emsisoft’s (EAM) … hmmm… / Ikarus engine the 2nd one, as far as I know, is F-PROT
I’m not very familiar with the latter, but since EAM/Ikarus involvement you can expect pretty good detection rate - EAM is the best on the market for years


Yaya, its detection is quite good as it is using the engines that you mentioned but i think its real time protection is not as effective as Avast

I was tried Ashampoo Antimalware and feel It’s resource hungry. :-[

Erm, if you don’t turn on the “monitor all files” for the real time protection, it is still considered as light

I use default setting.

Oh I see, now I switch back to CIS as I need to use Comodo Firewall to prevent ARP poisoning attack

Using Comodo Firewall (only; stressing that) is a good choice.
v3 is quite enough (noting was improved since) & even the latest v2 will do the job :wink:

… other things are unrelated.

One would rather use Comodo Firewall (plus Defense+) and other proper components as an additional security combined


That mean you suggest me to keep using the combo of ashampoo antimalware+comodo firewall, am I right?

Hi dannyyap2006, thanks fore the reply

As for the firewall - yes , but as I posted above I would not really use aShampoo.
I would test and use other AV/Anti-malwater solutions

At the end of the day that’s your choice and if you are confident & happy using just CIS Suite - fine

My regards

Ok, thanks for the sharing…Now I switch to RIS 2011 as I have +ve experience with it

Sorry I will not use their software, in the past I used some disc burner from them but now?
Why I will not use it any more?

Let see and email that I received some days ago about ashampoo.

Dear Ashampoo customer,
We are writing to you concerning an important issue. We regret to tell you that we also detected an unauthorized access to one of our server systems. We assume that the attackers were able to purloin data of customers. Sensitive data such as billing information etc. is not affected by this, because Ashampoo does not store this data.
We summarized all pieces of information concerning this incident for you and would like you to read the following website: http://www.ashampoo.com/datatheft
Yours sincerely,
The Ashampoo-Team
About us:
Copyright © 1999-2011, ashampoo GmbH & Co. KG. All Rights Reserved.
ashampoo GmbH&  Co. KG, Felix-Wankel-Str. 16, D-26125 Oldenburg/Germany The registrar of companies:
Amtsgericht Oldenburg, HRA 3618 Company: HILCHNER&  LESANI GmbH 
General manager: Rolf Hilchner, Heinz-Wilhelm Bogena Sales Tax number: ashampoo GmbH&  Co. KG, 
Ust.Ident.Nr. DE204940257

It’s nice to see that they can’t protect their own servers.

I don’t see what is nice when a serious company that tries to help the users get hacked.
Haven’t you seen this before?

At least they didn’t hide it, they did jump on it instantly and they did give a Police report for the incident. I wouldn’t lose trust in them over this, it could happen to anyone anywhere at anytime.
Kind regards.

The reason I dumped Ashampoo antimalware is because Ashampoo’s main focus is not on security and that is why I have lack of confidence in it. Therefore, I switched to Rising Internet Securtiy 2011.

You see, that’s what I was talking about - you (rather we) have to chose one
As for Rising Internet Security 88) …hmm… please read recent threads here
some Korean users are saying that they would not even consider of using it, because it mainly targeting “local/ Chinese” malware
We had a lot of discussions here regarding the matter.
The point is - it’s really stupid (soft term) when people do believe that any security can do something better when targeting “local/regional/country related” (name it as you wanna name it) threats - that is just as dumb as it gets

My regards

Where is the thread related to Rising?

There we several if not many recently , but basically why are you asking - that’s “a bit” !ot! here

Not sure why are you asking, since you were participating at least in one of those

So ???

My regards