5.9 when publishing?

Today, why not 5.9 message was bounced? There is BUG.

Hi icebela, welcome to the forums.

CIS 5.9 has not yet been released. But, it is due soon.

Thank you for answering, it appears that still have to wait for some time,

Even though it is a sometimes difficult thing to accomplish, I believe in this case; “Patience is a Virtue!” :slight_smile:



oh! then I am not virtuous man? ;D

They have always a valid reason to postpone, they don’t postpone for fun :wink: It just means the release will even be better ;D

Why not? They are constantly working in serious business, so they need to relax a bit. They’re not robots you know.

any news on which bugs are being fixed by 5.9

Is it expected to be released before end of December?

No, not currently.

Yes, based on what we’ve been told it is expected soon (days rather than weeks).

If the month published 5.9, January can be released 6?

It is possible, but unlikely. We have not yet had any indications of when version 6 will be released.

Saw in the Forum said Melih CEO in January could have been published 6 beta, plans have changed?

didnt egemen tell loveboy_lion it was going to be released in january?

By the way CIS v6 Beta will be out in JANUARY since there are still many things to be sorted out

even if he did im thinking it might not be out till later since 5.9 isnt even out yet

No, nothing has changed. But, with version 5.9 as yet unreleased it is simply making a January for version 6 less likely given the time-scales. Often with a major version change there is an accompanying forums beta test and that usually eats time. So, perhaps when Melih/Egemen indicated January they were talking about a beta release rather than a final release.

Thank you for reply.

ok. cool. I assume they found a bug before they released it.

I wish i could share 5.9 but i guess its against the rules and could cause damage ? since i too few days back had an unexpected crash with 5.9 emailed the bug report and crash dump to egemen hope its not a serious issue
i wonder whats holding back the release cant conform whats the problem since egemen doesn’t seem to be online these days !

Maybe indicates he’s finalising the next version ;D