5.12 configuration and 7.0 version

I just finally moved from 5.12 and before uninstalling this version, I’ve exported firewall configuration so I could use 7.0 “out of box”. But it seems that 5.12 doesn’t work well with 7.0: I have some applications that I was using by allowing network access via alerts every time these were starting, same goes for ping.exe and especially for this one since some installers are using it to display somehow additional software offers during main program installation.
I’ve removed Windows system applications and set firewall to Learning mode and I didn’t get any alerts. Also I’m sure that I did unchecked option during 7.0 installation about alerts.

Should I remove old configuration and roll fresh one?

I’m bit of paranoiac about applications asking for network access so I’d like to control most of things by myself.


I just rolled new configuration, so my problem doesn’t matter now.