406 error code instead of 403


We started to test your rules today with the cpanel vendor integration. It works very well and it was very easy to setup. Before we used the paid rules from Atomic. With the atomic rules, the customers got a 406 error code, in case a site was blocked by modsec. Now with your rules, it looks like it’s a 403. Is it possible to change this to 406? Because this would help us to localize the problem faster, and customers know already that 406 comes from modsec.



Sorry, but you can’t easily change 403 to 406 and stay up to date now.

But is this something that could be a possible feature request? I would also like 406 error instead of a 403.


Thanks :slight_smile:
Maybee a option would be approriate so each sysadmin can choose this would be great.