403 Forbidden error - Comodo Dragon

getting a 403 forbidden error with Comodo Dragon (Version Website is
www.consumerist.com… other browsers are just fine with same Website.
Also using Comodo Secure DNS.

  1. Win 7 SP1 AMD 64 bit
  2. All Browsers installed at C:\Program Files(x86)
  3. Browsers tested for same problem:

A- Google Chrome-Configured same as Comodo Dragon defaults–no 403 error
B- Firefox— no 403 error
C- Internet Explorer-- no 403 error
D- Safari-- no 403 error

  1. Administrator
  2. Google Chrome is version–20.0.1132.47 m
  3. Plugin for Dragon–Shockwave Flash

Mod edit: Added issue information to title, Captainsticks.

Hi luka73,
This is easy to reproduce and all the common workarounds failing to help, this leads me to believe you have found a bug.

If you have the time, please use the modify function and add as much of this information as you can to the bottom of your opening post.
I will then move this to the Bug reports in the hope that the Developers can reproduce the issue and find a solution.
Your time is greatly appreciated, thank you.

Thanks luka73 for taking the time adding additional information.
I will move this to the Bug reports section.

Additional note for the Devs: The above URL is not the only site with this issue as noted in this topic the following URL also has the issue.



The issue occurs because Dragon’s user agent isn’t recognized by the website. You can change Dragon’s user agent string in order to access the website. There are a number of extensions capable of doing that.

Thank you for your support.

Should we contact website administrator?

Thank you for the reply.
Does this change with future releases or is it a website issue and to do as Siketa is asking? Thanks.

I think so, It seems they have configured their site to be only accessible with several ‘known’ User-Agents.
403’s are always generated by the Web server, not by the client.

Since I am in contact with Toolwiz developer I am going to kindly ask him to make necessary changes for his site.


Thanks, Siketa and Ronny. :slight_smile:

Emails have been sent to all 3 web sites that are mentioned here…
If someone knows other problematic sites, just put them here…


This issue should be solved now…

  • Changed user agent to same value as in Chrome to fix compatibility problems.