4 or more years Intranet SSL Certificate should not be issued from now ?

As Comodo is a member of CA Browser Forum, https://www.cabforum.org/forum.html,
and the forum has published the a document named “Baseline Requirements for the Issuance and Management of Publicly-Trusted Certificates Version 1.1”,
from https://www.cabforum.org/documents.html,
in Section 9.2.1, it states that
“Also as of the Effective Date, the CA SHALL NOT issue a
certificate with an Expiry Date later than 1 November 2015 with a subjectAlternativeName extension or Subject commonName field containing a Reserved IP Address or Internal Server Name.”

So should the Comodo Intranet SSL Certificate fall into this category and
should not issue Intranet SSL Certificate beyond the stated expiry Date - 1 Nov 2015,
as currently a maximum of 5 years of this kind of certificate can be issued from