4.02 Beta 3

Hello, I was using beta 4.00 just fine, and decided to [foolishly] upgrade to 4.02 Beta 3. I uninstalled 4.00 from Add Remove Programs, restarted, installed 4.02, restarted, and launched 4.02, upon selecting the folders I want to backup, my computer blue screens.

I am using:
Win 7x64 SP1 all updates
Norton Internet Security 2011
UAC is on
I don’t know how to get crash log file or memory dump files

Any time I try to launch 4.02 and select folders I get a blue screen.

I’ve now uninstalled 4.02 and installed 4.00.62 and it is now asking me to “insert password to modify settings:”

What is this password? I’ve never setup a password

At least you can restart - I get a BSOD on reboot after installing BETA 3.

I’l investigate further before posting a formatted bug report.

Ewen :slight_smile:

Hi paazel,

check my signature for BSOD viewer. The minidump files are usually located at the C:\WINDOWS\MiniDump path.

unfortunately there is nothing in that folder. this is a fresh windows install as of 6/2011

Hello paazel,

please, ensure you can get the BSOD dmp file:

  1. Start
  2. Type in: sysdm.cpl, press ENTER.
  3. Special tab
  4. 3rd Settings… button (startup and recovery)
  5. from the drop-down list select create small memory map, uncheck automatic restart check-box, click OK, do it again.


there is no “special” tab. but there is an advanced, there is a section for startup & recovery. currently mine is set to kernel memory dump. what happens if i changed it to small memory dump?