3rd Round: CCAV 2017 New Design Vol 3 , Please Vote!

Hello Friends ! :slight_smile:

Thank you very much to you all for all your votes during 1st and 2nd Round of CCAV 2017 new user interface design theme.

Now, 3rd round starts ! Let’s give our votes for the attached designs :-TU

After checking your feedbacks, we have also decided to have 2 versions as light & dark for the selected theme ; you will be able to select one via General Settings> User Interface . :slight_smile:

Please drop your comments / feedbacks in case you have any.

Thank you very much to you all in advance !!

Kind Regards

Option 2 black shield :slight_smile:

Option2_Black Shield.
But the option 1 also good,but the shield would be green to make thinner.

Option 2 black shield.

Option 1.

Seems you already decided for new theme… because there is no white one for Option 1 ?

I really liked Option 1 :-\

keep getting us great design guys!

Yes, designs are good…we need stable Valkyrie from now on…
You had enough time for this… CCAV is unusable and many unknowns.still sitting in “unknowns” section. :-\

working on it…please understand what we are trying to do has NEVER BEEN DONE before …ever!!!

Being able to turn every file into “known” is a challange that has NOT BEEN SOLVED before…

We solved it for the enterprise already…that’s why they love us in the enterprise segment.

We will bring it to Consumer side too…just matter of time…patience grass hopper, patience :slight_smile:

I do not like any of these options. You are going to choose one theme that is worse than the default theme on ccav right now… Go for it…

This kind of pool should be posted on some others forums too. CCAV has more than 10.000 users around the world and youre going to choose next default theme by the votes of “15” users from this forum…

this is insane… anyway… dark and light variants can make it less ugly for me… Now all we need and want is valkyrie running well… or, atleast, the option to disable valkyrie and make ccav do not show any kind of allert about it… this could be great as we could end up with our so requested comodo sandbox app…

edit.: i voted on the 1st option as its the less ugly from the 3 options in this pool… but i dont like 1st option either…

what about creating 3 different themes for ccav and the user select what he wants after installation of the app?

As you know, we learnt patience with Comodo products :smiley:
Waiting for this great protection 8)

Hi yigido,
I am not sure that your current signature reflects the above comment. ???

Kind regards.

I prefer option 2 (whit shield)


Its aim is to draw attention on some cases about browser development…
I do not care about other Comodo stuff but CIS & CCAV

I vote GUI option #1


if it were to choose, I would choose the 2nd 3rd you.
But it costs nothing to suggest (this is just an idea)

+1 :-TU

i actually like this mod. i would just switch the secure icon and the toggles.

I think, this is why option 1 is great one!

All options are available in one place. It will be easy to create guidelines for novices.
and it is dark 8)