3rd party mini leaktest

This is not an advertisement in any manner, rather a 3rd party mini leaktest that simulate an exploit behavior, and I have never used their anti-exploit product (aka exploitshield).

They made this leaktest for their product; let’s see how COMODO will do against it.
I don’t know if it’s ok to attach the file to my own post so;
You’ll find the “zip” file attached at the bottom of the following URL:



File Rating / trusted files (by default the security policy should be applied “allowed applications”)
Apparently comodo internet security gives unrestricted permission or treats them as an installation or update to programs with valid or recognized for their database secure software signatures, considering only the HIPS module.

If we consider the Sandbox: partially limited, limited, restricted comodo will fail.

Sorry my english!


exactly, I even tried the hips on paranoid mode with sandbox off… then “the leaktest exe is trying to execute calc.exe” message is the same in both buttons!!!