3gb or 4gb ram

Hi, Would it be of any benefit if I upgraded from 3gb to 4gb ram? I’m running win7 home premium 4gb is the max.

4GB :-TU

Are you running Windows 32 bits or 64 bits.
With 32 bits I won’t worry to update as, most probably, it will be unusable due to Windows restrictions.

It would really depend if you are running 32bit or 64 bit versions.

32 bit operating systems can only address a maximum of 4GB, of which 3.29GB is the practical usable limit. 64 bit operating systems can address waaay more.

If you currently have 3GB RAM and you are running a 32 bit operating system, increasing memory to 4GB will only provide a minimal increase.

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4GB Windows 7 x 32 :-\

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64 bit. How easy is it to install? ie Does the laptop automatically recognise extra ram? Also manufacturers max ram is 4gb. Thanks

Yes, 64bits works fine now.

The laptop should automatically recognise the changed memory size and just ask you to confirm it. Windows will probably also complain that something has changed, but not majorly.

I’m not convinced that you’ll get that big an increase in performance. It’ll help, but I just don’t know how much and whether the increase is worth the price of the added RAM.

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If I were you then I would have 5GB otherwise it make no sense; the 64-bit OS uses 1GB more than 32bit. But yea 4GB is better than 3GB