38 intrusions ?

hello i have got 39 intrusions and they are all windows operating systems can you please tell me how i can get them accepted?
thank you.


Not sure if this is the same as my issue but take a look at my thread -


I think its post No 12 in the thread which is the one to use if its the same issue. 38 intrusions is a small number compared to the 30,000 I have in my log files for 5 days!

good luck

When there is no program listening to incoming traffic the logs will tell it was caught by WOS. It just tells the traffic was blocked

ok thank you,i might go back to mse antivirus and windows firewall

Why would you want to go back? Is it because the alerts? They are probably just router or internet background noise.

i uninstalled cis for about a week and then reinstalled cis and there must have been an update as i have no intrusions now?
thank you.