360 Security ≠ malware

Comodo Mobile Security flags 360 Security as malware (Android.Trojan.Generic). It’s in the Google Play store at https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.qihoo.security

I don’t think this is malware.


thank you for the feedback. We are going to analyse it again and remove from the list if it is OK.

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I think AVG is also doing the same 88)

They have better software and for free :smiley: that’s why I guess.

I am actually thinking to use it instead of CMS too.

Quihoo 360 has had some questions over it because of it’s required permissions which were highlighted by Hazzard.O.I. on Techsupportalert.com. Quihoo subsrquently put a “reasons for permissions” post on their site which is linked on the app description in the PlayStore.


Thank you. I can live without Qihoo’s software :slight_smile:

Hi Eric,
why comodo is the only one doing this? I tested it with other avs like mcafee and avira and even by virustotal and it was reported clean.
more infocomodo should consider removing it from the db…

Ilkers said it would be analysed and removed if found safe so it should have been removed or is removed in the next signature update. Signature updates are infrequent so if your sure it’s safe, add it to the trusted list until the next update.


thx Eric :slight_smile:

It’s worth noting running 2 AVs isn’t the best idea but Malwarebytes does run well along side other AVs.