32bit xp BSOD

Hi, one time with my laptop i lost power too it. Now it wont load up windows.
It gets to the logo part and BSOD appears…comp restarts.

I worked out that it waz comodo firewall (whatever the latest build is atm) that was causing it.

I recreated this event 3 times now. Below is what i did.

  1. Fresh install of comodo v3.
  2. power up laptopp, let it load windows etc properly.
  3. Cut power. (dont shut down properly)
  4. Load up laptop

■■■■!!! It BSOD, i have to go into safe modw, uninstall comodo and then it is fine.

I cant tell you what the BSOD says and windows says the log file is corrupt :frowning:
(when i go into event viewer)