3.x->4.0 update and migration still coming?

It’s been some weeks and still there is no news nor an update notification on upgrading to the new version. Is this still being worked on?

That’s what I assume but we haven’t heard anything about from Comodo other than the official announcement with the release of v4.

I will pm egemen about it and ask where they are with the process.

Hi guys.

@EricJH. Could you ask egemen if that automatic upgrade from 3.14 to 4. would keep 3.14 settings in place? I think that is why a bunch of us are still using 3.14. We do not want to start all over again, and not with V.4 that seems to have a few bugs, most of them with sandbox. I still think CIS is a great security system, but it takes a while to set it up exactly as one want.


I haven’t heard from him but I think that it was promised when I read the following in the release notes:

I’m also asking the same thing as well as I still haven’t uninstall the old version yet :-\