3 days old databases

Not a new thing in CIS (have had it couple times in older versions) and still no idea why CIS on comp1 occasionally doesn’t download virus-dbs on several days, maybe because I don’t restart comp1 unless I have to (last restart was 2 weeks ago before today and comp2 (always on) had restart last week but no 3 days old CIS dbs) and when I stop using comp1 I put it to sleep. Nothing on Windows logs and CIS claims to be normal condition and CIS logs (under Tasks) say that unknown error (0x8400005) since aug 23rd noon (and in the meantime on 25th full scan was aborted (code 0x80004004) full scan failed due unknown error, my guess is due whatever prevented CIS to update dbs) until morning when CIS decided to announce that it hasn’t updated dbs past 3 days (and couldn’t until after reboot).

CIS diagnosis reports before and after reboot attached (doubt those help at all).