3.9 (508) - virus defs won't update

Fresh install - virus database 1157.I click update definitions, but it won’t - says to check internet connection. Which is abviously working fine as i’m tping this!!

any thoughts?

Try again later? I suspect the servers are probably getting hammered. The virus database is probably served from separate servers than the actual program update, but I know the update servers were really slow when I updated a half an hour ago.

The download server for the new 508 is very slow as I write. The AV server may be overloaded as well. Keep trying every now and then. When it doesn’t change in the next 24 hrs bump this topic again.

I have this problem too. I had the installed Avast4 at the moment, when I was installing Comodo 3.9. Then I update virus defs to 1160 without any problems. After I have uninstalled Avast4, virus defs update stops working. ‘Miscellanious\Check for Updates’ is working. I have no proxy and no proxy is configured in Comodo.

Regards, Oleg

I have read ‘Re: COMODO Internet Security 3.9.81003.508 Released!’ thread and understand that 508 version must fix the update problem. But I still have this problem. cavscan.exe and cfpupdat.exe have ‘av/beta39’ update path inside. I did clean install 507 and then update to 508 version. Maybe this help to fix the problem.

Regards, Oleg

same version. same problem here

Same problem here, automatic update keeps trying but never succeeds.

No problems on windows 7, but on my Vista x64 the virus defs won’t update, it gets to 30% then quits.

I’ve windows7 x64 and it fails at 30%.

I think I had to intially open a browser like IE in order to get the initial update to work. You might try resetting your internet connection.


I had IE and Firefox opened and reset my internet connection several times but it didn’t work. The update jumps from 5% to 30% and then fails as if there were no internet connection.

waited until to day to try again…still no connection. :frowning:

un-installed, re-installed - same problem.
Un-installed with Revo - re-installed - same problem

When I click on update now, no more connections appear - so is the program actually doing anything at all, or does it not “see itself”?

Getting frustrated here!!!


did you import your settings from the old version?

Its been reported the updater sticks a long time at 30%; as from downloading 5 MB to 30 MB. I can imagine when the update process is slow it may be too long for people to wait.

On another note there is an emergency update for CIS with version number 509:

I had a similar problem until I edited the registry and changed the UpdatePath to equal av/updates39 in all of the Comodo settings. Av updates started working again then.

thanks for the hints. I’ve checked my registry and it is as described already i.e. set to av/updates39

the problem continues…

Make sure that you have check all occurrences of the UpdatePath. My system had several, mainly due to all of the beta versions. I had to change them all.

I’ve been through everything I can find - no joy.

I removed 508 completely - checking for all traces in the registry making sure all CIS references were gone, then installed 509. Same problem. It just won’t update - which is a sub-optimal situation for an AV! If I can’t solve this I’m going to have to remove the AV component and go back to the firewall + avast.

Ha Ha!!! This was the answer… for me at least. :slight_smile: