Uninstallation Problems[CLOSED]

I tried this on my Vista Ultimate 64bit and all was well for a couple of weeks, but now I’m experiencing numerous crashes.

I decided to uninstall it and stick with Vista Firewall for the time being, but after uninstallation, my system is all over the place, unable to shutdown properly, doesn’t allow connection to the internet, won’t let NOD32 load and basically screws everything up.

I end up having to use System Restore to get things working properly.

How can I get rid of this and get things back to normal?

During uninstallation did you receive any errors?

I didn’t receive any errors during the uninstall mate.

Uninstall it from safemode.
If the uninstaller is not there anymore you need to install it from safe mode then uninstall.
If you have cfpconfg.exe (64bit) then try to run cfpconfg.exe -u

Cheers mate, that seems to have done the trick, don’t know why I didn’t think of it earlier. :-[

I can’t wait until a fully working version is available and I’ll be straight back.