32 bit Bug reports[CLOSED]


I double clicked my firefox icon on the desktop and was prompted with firefox trying to execute winlogon ??? (see screenshot). Shouldn’t it be explorer trying to execute firefox?


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I cannot believe Firefox has something to do with winlogon indeed, but who knows.


Is CFP3 (tested on beta) designed to run under a limited account? It appears as a process under task manager but doesn’t appear in the system tray (see screenshot). Have restarted computer a few times with the same results but able to run and configure using the “run as” command using admin account.


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Yes, it does sound a little odd ???. Another strange thing was (and this occured a couple of times, after each reboot) firefox was trying to execute quicktime and media player (none of which I had previously run).


Very odd. I’d block for the moment (and see it something stops working). I don’t see why should any program call winlogon.exe, never happened for me.

Of course although winlogon.exe is a core Windows app, make sure it’s the one at the right location (C:\WINDOWS\system32) because otherwise it’s malware. But judging from your screenshot CFP says it’s the legit one so don’t panic for now.

If it’s not because of your recent CFP beta upgrade (can’t see how it would be possible for that to cause your browser to call winlogon.exe), you may ask in some specialized Firefox forum.

Is your Firefox did the upgrade to the version
Because there is a dangerous bug with Quicktime in version:

There are two ways i can reproduce something similar:

  1. You will reboot or you will shut down the computer.
  2. You left alone the computer and it’ll either lock down or will run a screensaver or will do something.
    (3. I also wonder what if someone uses firefox to log in to your computer - maybe a plugin?)
    In these cases, firefox is only a name (like at OLE automation at 2.4).

I should also mention that this didn’t occur in the previous beta (3.0.8 ) so I’m guessing it’s a “possible” problem with The same goes for Firefox loading Quicktime and media player (very odd). Btw, I’m running Firefox

Edit: Firefox Add-ons = Adblock Plus, Forecastfox and NoScript.

If this helps, this is the order of prompts I receive:-

  1. Loopback (allow)
  2. Direct DNS (allow)
  3. Firefox > winlogon (block)
  4. Firefox > Quicktime (allow)
  5. Firefox > media player (allow)

Note: Neither Quicktime or media player have loaded (visable) at this point

  1. Proxy (allow). Note: currently testing at work.
  2. Direct keyboard
  3. Direct Screen


Nobody running XP under a limited account? Shame on you :D.


or… many did not hit the small window where 9.221 was available (:TNG)

Myself included (:SAD) :THNK

I guess your right (:TNG). Oh well, I will wait patiently for the next release and see what happens.