[] Vista GDB BUG

OS: Vista Home Premium (32 bit Version: 6.0.6000 BUILD 6000)
Active Security Software: Nod32 2.70.39
Affected Software: GNU GDB Debugger

Problem: GNU GDB Debugger gives Segment Fault when trying to debug Windows GUI Applications and wxWidgets Applications. However, it debugs properly Console Applications. The Segment Fault (SIGSEGV) is found in C:\Windows\system32\guard32.dll trying to access functions.

The GNU GDB Debugger works properly before installation of Comodo Firewall and with Zone Alarm 7.1

I’ve tried:
Setting GNU GDB to be treated as trusted application
Setting Comodo to allow all (Both firewall and Defense+)
Shutting down comodo firewall

None of them work

Note: Program works normally when not debugging
Note: Found a related bug (or so I think here): https://forums.comodo.com/help/debug_problem_when_cpf_is_active-t1423.0.html