(Vista 32) Won't Block Anything

I’ve just uninstalled the last comodo and finally upgraded to the latest beta version. I’m running Vista 32-bit.

I’ve switch off Defense+ as I’m not bothered about monitoring files and how applications act… I just want the firewall to block applications from touching the world wide ether until I give them the say so.

however it won’t do it!. its letting every single application through. P2P programs, games, browsers, other computers on my network can access my shares…

when I look at the active connections list it shows nothing, when I look at the firewall log there is not a single entry.

I’ve got Defense+ set to Allow All… and I’ve got the firewall set to Custom. This is how I had it set previously and it worked great. Would always ask me when an app wanted internet access.

is there something wrong with my installation?

I totally removed the previous version before installing this.

Set to learn safe Only for the firewall then it will ask for all apps that are not in CFP’"S safe list (already programmed in for you) or if you would rather allow them all yourself then select learn all.

Did you check before advising me of this? “Learn all” states that the software makes automatic rules and does not prompt me for anything.

additionally why are no applications such as msn messenger or firefox shown in active connections?

I think your installation is corrupted. Although I’m on xp I had the same thing after installing cpf3 the first time: nothing blocked, no popups, no active connections shown…Unfortunately I don’t remember the exact solution, but I know that I uninstalled it, than cleaned everything related to it (registry ect). It eventually started to behave normally after 3 reinstalls. Im not sure if this is a comodo bug or not, but I think that some kind of 3d party software or the remainder of it or something OS related caused it. Are you using any other security softwares? Is Defense+ working if you turn it on btw?

yeah defense+ was working fine befoer I switched it off. i’ll try cleaning the registry of all comodo entries and then try again. nice to know someone else had the problem also.

just to update for anyone else possibly having this problem. I think I’ve narrowed it down to comodo leaving references to “comodo mini-port drivers” in the registry after being un-istalled. when i deleted those entries before re-installing everything went on fine.