[] too many BSODs!! [Closed]

Dell Inspiron 9400, Intel Dual Core
OS: WnXP Pro 5.1.2600 with SP2 (32bit)
NOD32 v2.7, NetLimiter2pro, Diskeeper, Sandboxie, CiscoVPNclient

just after installing CFP I kept getting BSODs on every boot, so I removed FolderLockBox which had caused conflicts with CFP before. Now I could boot the system but still there were way too many BSODs… so I turned off all D+ stuff (except for Image Exec Control, which simply doesnt stay disabled), and everything was much better… but it still gives me BSODs now and then… maybe because Image Exec Control still screws up…
If u could simply release a beta where all settings can be turned on/off (and stays that way), we could diagnose the exact cause better by isolation of settings.

  • no minidumps were created during BSODs.

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same here. had to uninstall and there are still remnants somewhere because windows security center still thinks it is there. and there are still permission problems and other strange things. it’s actually worse than the last one. ??? ???

Have you tried the newest one, version


that’s what i’m talking about. posted in the wrong place. sorry