on Freewarefiles.com

I don’t know what Comodo thinks of it, but it’s there.


(I wished to post in the “mother board”, CFP BETA Corner, but that wasn’t possible?)


I think it’s good that someone/Comodo have published it on a download site.
That way, Comodo can see what people like about it, what they don’t like and how they like it overall.
So far, 9,028 downloads, and 4.15/5 stars(I voted it a 5 of course ;D).
Maybe upload it on other sites like CNET Download.com?


You wouldn’t want any bugs in the BETA version to give people a bad first impression though. (:SAD)

That’s my main thought too.


Publisher's Description FREE Comodo Firewall Pro - Secure your system against internal attacks such as Trojan viruses / malicious software and external attacks by hackers. Safeguard your personal data through a simple user friendly single click interface offering full immunity to attack. Comodo Firewall Pro helps you connect in a secure way to the internet and global networks. Total peace of mind is FREE!!

Download the Stable version. Comodo Firewall Pro

If people can read they should understand that the BETA is unstable, and for testing.