beta is still loosing settings

Hi, is loosing various settings. So far it has lost the default application settings in both the firewall and defence. I am not 100% sure but I believe that i have had accept rule in learn safe for the same application rule more than once.

Looking good but not there yet. (V)

Where can i see what applications and rules Comodo believes are safe? ???

Try this workaround: https://forums.comodo.com/cfp_beta_corner/cfp_v307208_beta_bug_reports-t11418.0.html;msg81462#msg81462 . Does it work for you?

its actually losing, not loosing btw.

OK, I’ve been using the beta for 3 days now and I’ve learned something Defense + rocks, it learns everything it needs to learn BUT it has A MEMORY PROBLEM because if your computer crashes or is restarted -say because of a power failure- all the settings get LOST IN THIN AIR and the machine starts the infamous BSOD cicle.

today I booted my comp, I got slowly used to reversing IP adresses in My Network Zones (I dont need them at the moment).
But what really drove me crazy was that comodo lost all Predefined security polices in Defense+.
for programs which used some settings from predefined list, I had to configure it manually.

Why “Use a predefined policy” is grayed?
Script to backup CFP V3 Alpha settings

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Thanks for prompt reply!
sorry for repeating the same problem… this forum is simply too huge.

oh, and by the way, some improvement suggestion and ideas shoul be placed in CPF beta corner or rather in feedback/comments… in comodo firewall wishlist?

If you are willing to you can organize a poll in the CFP BETA Corner It will be a bit tough because you should gather all the suggestions for the beta there.
Many members posted their suggestions in the CFP BETA Corner on in one of its child boards. However there is a higher chance these suggestions will be noted if they are grouped in one topic and a poll is created out of these.