3.0.17 x86 WinXP ignores image execution control settings for rundll32.exe

Have defaults of .exe and .bat (.bat as the only complement to .exe? not quite April 1st yet, huh?) set to be checked for execution, however just got flooded by alerts for rundll32.exe trying to execute various .dll, .cpl, and .whatnot files. Given rundll32’s nature, it is a reasonable choice anyway, but an undocumented feature is a bug anyway.

Did you get these RUNDLL errors imediately after logging on?
Normally Rundll32.exe should work out of the box.


No errors, just D+ alerts that do not comply with the current ruleset. I.e. right now I’m looking at an orange alert telling me that rundll32.exe is trying to execute ieframe.dll, and ieframe.dll doesn’t match any of the entries under image execution control ‘files to check’ list.